Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Matti's Pot Roast

I have never been much of a "roaster" until this past year.
But now...we have roast or beef stew in the crockpot at least every other week.
I've experimented and this is what I came up with for my roast.
It's pretty tasty (or at least that's what my husband tells me).

Matti's Pot Roast
6+ lb beef roast (cut of your choice), thawed.
6-8 cups beef broth (enough to cover roast when in the crockpot).
1 onion...sliced into rings
1 can tomato sauce.
2 tbl minced garlic
1 table oregano
2 table salt
2 table pepper
3 table worshc. sauce.
3 table olive oil
3 cups carrots (I use whole baby carrots)
6 potatoes cubed

*Mix salt, pepper, oregano, worsh and 1 table of garlic in small bowl
*Rub seasoning mixture over entire roast
*Brown/Sear all sides of roast in large skillet coated with olive oil (this carmelizes the meat AND holds in moisture during cooking so meat doesn't dry out. Thank you Alton Brown).
*Place roast in slow cooker
*Place sliced onions on top of roast
*Cover roast with beef broth
*Pour in can of tomatoe sauce and remaining tablespoon of garlic
*Cover and cook on low for 8 hrs until done (***Place carrots and potatoes in during last 3 hours!!!!!).
*Shred/Cut and serve with veggies
*I use some of the broth mixture for a "gravy" of sorts over the veggies and meat.

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