Saturday, February 26, 2011

Pie on a Stick...or Hand Pies

For Valentines Day this year, we made this little beautys and gave them to our family members.

The inside of the cards read "Be my Sweetie Pie".

I found the recipe and idea on Our Best Bites (love that site).

I used my own pie down recipe..because I trust it.

I cant say if the original is good or not becuase I've never tried it.

The are easy and fun to make...and YUMMY!

The pies that didn't stay on the sticks were "hand pies" that we also bagged up and gave away.

The dangerous thing about this recipe is that because they are so's easy to eat a lot of them.

You've been warned! :)

PS: I used store bought filling...added some cinnamon and brown sugar and mashed it to "baby food" consistency...worked PERFECT!


Apple Sweetie Pie's or Hand Pies's

Recipe by Our Best Bites

1 recipe pie crust (here or your own) (or store bought pie crust dough)

6" lollipop sticks (available at craft stores, including Walmart)

small bowl of water

2 tablespoons butter, melted

Course sugar or sprinkles for top

Canned pie filling, or homemade apple below

Cookie Cutters

Apple Pie Filling (combine all ingredients below)

1 medium tart green apple, peeled and grated

1/4 tsp ground cinnamon

1 tablespoon packed brown sugar

1 tablespoon flour

1/2 tablespoon lemon juice

1 tablespoon cold butter, cubed

Glaze (Whisk all ingredients until smooth. Add milk until desired consistency is reached):

1/2 cup powdered sugar

1 tablespoon butter, melted

1-3 tsp milk

Preheat oven to 375 degrees.

Line a baking sheet with parchment or a silicone baking mat if desired.

Roll out pie dough on a floured surface about 1/8 inch thick. Cut out heart shapes (or other shape of your choosing) and place them on your baking sheet. (*I used a 2 in hearts and 3 in hearts)

Place about 1-2 tsp of filling on one cut out, keeping it at least 1/4 inch away from the edges. Place 6 inch lollipop stick in center of shape, with the top of the stick near the top of the shape. Wet your finger in a small bowl of water and wet the edge of the pie dough shape.

Wet the edges of a 2nd pie dough shape (one without filling) and place on top of the other.

Press together gently with your fingers to seal the pieces together.

Use a fork to crimp edges, being careful to seal edges around the stick.

If desired, brush top of pie in melted butter and sprinkle with sugar. (Or leave plain to glaze after).

Bake pies for 15-20 minutes until barely golden brown. Cool for a few minutes and then transfer to a cooling rack.

If glazing, gently brush or spoon glaze over pies while still warm.

Cool completely before packaging.

If desired, place in cellophane bags and tie with ribbons and labels.

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